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LIBERAL LOGIC - Sarah Palin gets blamed for Gabby Giffords attempted murder. Obama and Holder paid for the weapons that killed Agent Terry Can you hear the Crickets?

PROJECT GUNRUNNER - When WILL MSM decide to start investigating just one Obama Administration scandal-??? 2012, end of the error.

PROJECT GUNRUNNER - Emails show top DOJ officials knew about the plot. Did they get the $16 muffins and the $32 crackerjacks too?

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JGalt - May 4, 2013, 2:09 am

PROJECT FAST AND FURIOUS - That's also coincidentally the name of the cover up to suppress the evidence

CONTEMPT - At least something went right today!

DOES THE DOJ RAID ITSELF - To stop the shredding and the covering up for project gunrunner, otherwise known as fast and furious?

OBAMNESIA - Thinking the last two debates represents the last 4 years and not..... Solyndra, project fast and Furious, Benghazi-gate...Trillion dollar deficits....etc

GUNRUNNING, DRUG MONEY LAUNDERING - The forehead has some serious explaining to do. Seems like conservatives are bigger threats to the liberal socialist regime.

PROJECT FAST AND FURIOUS - Allen West calls for Holder's resignation.

Operation Fast & Furious -